How to submit a correct request for proposal?

The request for quotation is a simple and quick way of finding a company which will supply a given product or provide a specific service. The quality of offers we will receive depends first of all on the contents of the submitted request for quotation. Below are guidelines explaining how you can correctly submit a request for quotation.

Precisely formulated contents

The contents of the request for quotation should be comprehensible for all companies interested in submitting an offer. You must take care to define carefully your expectations as to the factual contents of the offer, and the bidders will then prepare proposals for the implementation of the given order tailored to suit your needs.

Parameters of the product or the service

Make sure your request for quotation contains a detailed description of all parameters of the product or the service.

When buying a product or materials please specify first of all: the producer, the name, model, quantity (with measurement unit) packaging type, supply deadline, place and address of the supply;

When commissioning the provision of a service, please describe: type of service, deadline for provision of the service, location, and who is to supply the material;

Should such a need arise, please add: payment conditions, guarantee and servicing conditions, required Supplier’s licences or certificates, expectations as to the process of order implementation (such as for example stages of service provision or information concerning methods to be applied for supplier selection).

Guarantee conditions

Describe your requirements concerning the conditions for guarantee and servicing of the given product or service, e.g. the possibility of guarantee repair at a specified location. You can also ask the supplier to specify rules for granting a guarantee

Requirements concerning the tenderer

Specify your needs as to the period of existence of a company on the market, experience in the performance of similar works or the technical capacity required to execute the order, as well as qualifications required from the employees.


To be able to verify the reliability of a company, please ask for description of experience in the execution of similar orders, as well as for the appending of references, projects, sketches or pictures and indication of a webpage or link to the Internet portfolio. For this purpose you can also visit the company personally and meet its owner or make a telephone call.

Contact data

Include your contact data in the request for quotation: telephone number, e-mail address and personal data. Possibility of contacting you quickly to clarify the quotation will allow the companies to draw up offers containing all the required parameters.

Criteria for offer evaluation

Inform the bidders of all the elements which would be assessed to allow them to focus on issues which are crucial for you. Specify whether you are more interested in premium quality or low price. Indicate whether the value of the order is to comprise potential transport costs.

Deadline for the submission of offers

It is crucial that the time necessary to develop a complete proposal (change of location, contact with third parties etc.) be appropriately assessed, and on this basis the deadline for bid submission be defined. It should not be too distant from the date of submission of the request for proposal, as conditions of an offer sent earliest may expire either due to a change in the currency exchange rates or temporarily limited availability of the product.

Form of payment

Please specify whether you intend to pay by bank transfer or cash for the order, or whether you would be interested to spread the due payments into instalments or need payment in a foreign currency. As a rule all financial issues are of importance and any misunderstanding that may arise in this respect may affect adversely your image.

A request for quotation drawn up in accordance with our instructions will greatly facilitate an efficient and effective execution of the offer selection process, and the bidders will be able to prepare reliable proposals.

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