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"M-Konstruktor" established in 1995,
started its activities with metalworking: forging, bending and welding. Being open to new ideas and having determination has allowed the company to develop its own production and now the company specializes in designing and manufacturing concrete molds for fabrication of concrete goods, metalwoks for buildings and constructions, flanged and welded cement bins.

High quality and wide rang of products have enabled us to expand the sales geography from the Barents Sea on the North to the Caspian Sea on the South, from the shores of France and the Netherlands on the West to the Sea of Okhotsk on the East and sweep the whole territory of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the Europian Union.

Long experience, compliance to modern standarts of the sector, continuos quality improvement and output reliability have helped us become a credible supplier of leading concrete goods manufactures.

Concrete moulds and equipment are the key focus of the company. We offer production of concrete moulds and equipment for:
- construction of industrial and residential buildings;
- urban infrastructure developmrnt;
- building of all around coast-protecting structures;
- road construction.

Precast concrete goods, produced with "M-Konstruktor" molds and in accordance with technical requirements of the corporate customer, are of highest characteristics, have smooth surface and perfect shape.

Our company prodused concrete molds with strength margin which allaws, as practice shows, to exceed 1.5 times the number of one form usege cycles rather than specified by GOST, remining the surface unaltered.


Products: Building materials companies, Construction equipment rental

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Russia / The Northwestern Federal District / Псковская область, Russia / The Northwestern Federal District

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