Request for proposal no. 2102390

Looking for a company for roof construction, Clonmel

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Company / Institution

Name & Surname avaliable
The phone number avaliable
E-mail address confirmed
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Scope of the contract: Install a new roof on a building, which is still without a roof
Reason for renovation: Roof sags
Roof area (in square meters): I'm not sure
Roofing: Slate
Roof age: 0-10 years
Roof description: Steep and difficult to commit
Needed roofs / roof elements: No
Number of storeys: One-storey building
House area in square meters: 300-400
Material for the new roof: Wood shingles
The customer makes available materials: Yes, I'm going to available materials and parts
Order covered by insurance: Insurance case is still in progress

I am interested in contact from a company willing for long-term cooperation. Additionally please contact me via email. A further important issue relates to the quickest time of the implementation of the order.